Thursday, 14 May 2015

Leading by example - Working Out and Getting Fit

  Do you ever make excuses for not working out and getting fit?  I think I've used every one in the book!  But slowly, I've been trying to make exercise a habit and something my body craves.   I know I need to do every day.  And I know it is good for myself physically, emotionally and mentally.  But it is also good for my kids.  Being active and healthy so I can keep up with them and live a long life is so important to me.  I also want to be a good role model for them, and to have them watch me workout and cheer me on is an awesome feeling too. 

My outside gym
  We have a very steep driveway.  The bus drops off my daughter at the bottom after school, so most days I'm cursing it as I hike back up to the top!  But it also serves as a great workout tool!  With one child at home most days, I have to find creative ways to keep fit at home and our crazy driveway is one of them.  I'll do sprints up the hill and then free weights at the top.  All the while my kids are having fun jumping on the trampoline (exercising!) and cheering for me once I reach the top of the driveway.  Plus music outside it a big help!  Keeps me going if I have some sweet tunes blasting! 

  I do find I have to mix it up every day with my workouts or I get bored.  I don't want to just run on the treadmill every day, or do the same workout video.  If I don't change it up, I won't look forward to it.  I like a challenge and I like trying new routines.  Lately I've been finding lots of different HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts to try.  There are so many different combinations of moves that you can do!  And there are lots of ideas on Pinterest (check out my Fitness board here>> Fitness,

Here is an example of a workout I tried the other day: (I never realized how much I HATE burpees! But I will do this workout again, it kicks your butt!)

HIIT Workout
 Leading by example is so important to me.  I want my kids to know that exercise is part of our lives and how it helps our bodies.  When I workout at home, my youngest daughter watches and usually likes to join in!  She even held a plank for 10 seconds! (with perfect form too!) 

My 4 year old holding a plank for 10 seconds!

What are your favourite types of workouts? And what do you do to keep motivated?

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