Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Behind the Scenes at Love and Farkles

This was my view today!  The ocean waves, warm sunshine, sand, and my light box.  I am so blessed to live close to the ocean!

Today was a day of Love and Farkles product photography.  I brought my diy light box out to the beach with me.  The lighting is all natural and perfect for photos here. (I also take lots of pics on my deck with the sunlight) Natural lighting makes your photos look amazing, especially compared to indoor lights, even the 'natural' light bulbs don't work as well, but you can make due with them in a pinch. (I am no professional by any means, always learning and tweaking things!)

I combed the beach looking for the perfect piece of driftwood. The tide was out today which was great for finding treasures! I always seem to leave the beach with a pocket full of beach glass. One day I will turn it into some art!

After finding some driftwood that I was happy with, I prepared the light box with props to set up for my products.  My daughter had come along with me and was the perfect assistant.  She matched up the earrings and passed me each pair carefully.  (Well, about 3 pairs, then she was bored and hunting for animals in tidal pools!)

 It was a beautiful way to spend Earth Day!  Product photos outside, ocean breeze in our hair and warm sun on our skin.  So blessed to live here!

Final Product

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  1. I LOVE THIS! I love how you work beside nature and use it as a tool to not only inspire you but your craft as well!