Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Embrace the Rain

    Living on the West (wet) Coast, we get rain.  And a lot of it.  At least it seems that way through the winter months.  I know for a lot of people it can be depressing.  But I've learned to enjoy the rain.  I love sound of it at night.  During the day, when it's grey and gloomy outside, means a day inside to enjoy reading, crafting or baking.  This time of year also means woodstove fires.  There is nothing better to get rid of the damp coldness that can creep into your bones then a hot dry fire!  We're lucky where we live that we hardly get any snow, but the rain can make everything seem just as cold as snow would.

    So next time it rains, get outside for a minute.  Let the raindrops hit your face.  Rain is good for the earth and good for your soul!  Then get back in the house, start up a warm fire, bake some yummy cookies and read a book snuggled under a blanket.

Do you love or hate the rain? Comment below!

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